Best 5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Keep The Weight Off

There’s no better feeling than putting in the hard work, stepping on the scale, and seeing the number decrease. Losing weight is a simple process, but it’s not an easy one. Still, getting your weight down is only the first step in your journey: keeping it off is the next, and less thought after step. 


Here are our favorite five tips to keep the weight off after you’ve done the work.


Keep a Food Journal

Congrats you did it! To help maintain your success it’s important to set up consistent habits. One of our favorite ways to hold yourself accountable is through a food journal. Chronicling your day-to-day meals can help you to notice patterns that you may otherwise not have noticed. (That daily cookie you grab from the office break room can really add up!) While tracking the food is, of course, a primary part of the journal, tracking other factors such as mood, stress levels, and locations can all be helpful— after all, if it’s your birthday, you deserve that slice of cake!


Regularly Check-in With The Scale 

It can be scary to weigh-in, but it’s a critical part of the process. While some people prefer to weigh in on a daily basis to keep track of things like water weight, a heavy meal, or simply just for posterity, make sure you’re weighing in at least weekly to keep track of any major changes. Knowing your number is power. Whether you’re trying to maintain or lose further, holding yourself accountable through the scale will ensure you never stray too far off track.


Have a Consistent Routine

Keeping a similar schedule can help you to develop new, healthy habits. They say it takes 21 days to establish a new routine, so consistency is key. Make sure you commit to whatever is helping you achieve your goals. Whether that means having two hard-boiled eggs every morning or taking the dogs that extra block on your morning walk, developing achievable, healthy behaviors will help you stick to them in the long run. 


Stay Hydrated

It’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of water nearby. Not only is water a calorie-free alternative to sugary beverages, but it can also help to keep your appetite in check. Additionally,  drinking more water helps your body retain less water, leading to less water weight and a lower number on the scale. 


Increase Protein

Protein is a great way to stay full all day without blowing your caloric budget. Lean proteins satiate the parts of the brain that crave food, reducing the hunger hormones that lead to overeating. While consuming a protein-heavy diet can help you lose weight automatically because of this, protein also clocks in at only 4 calories per gram, meaning that most lean proteins are low are calories. Overeating on a high protein diet would be quite difficult to do.


Shedding excess pounds is a feat all on its own. Be proud of your own personal journey and don’t forget to celebrate the little victories (both scale, and non-scale). For everything else, Dr. Sarrimanolis is here to help. Give us a call to talk about the best way to get your diet on track and keep the number on the scale down: (907) 451-1174.

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